Old Republic Warranty Service

Your vehicle is a major investment. Next to your home, it is probably the biggest investment you may ever make. That is why purchasing mechanical breakdown protection from Old Republic Insured Automotive Services is a wise choice.

An Old Republic Extended Protection Plan can help ensure that the investment in your vehicle is protected, and reduces the possibility of out-of pocket expenses that arise from mechanical and electrical repairs that occur when your vehicle suffers an unexpected mechanical failure.

Contact a Southwest Oklahoma FCU loan counselor about an Old Republic Insured Automotive Services warranty for your vehicle today!

The following is included with every Old Republic Insured Automotive Services warranty:

  • Claim Payments made via Credit Card to the Repair Facility for Faster Turn Around
  • Coverage is Available for Transfer to the Next Owner, Enhancing the Vehicle’s Resale Value
  • Only One Deductible per Visit, No Matter How Many Failures Occur
  • Every Plan Includes Protection for Towing and Rental Car Expenses
  • ORIAS Plans Offer a Direct Relationship with the Insurance Company – There is No Third Party Administrator!



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