We offer our members a wide selection of new and used automobile loans of various terms and rates. Find the car, truck or van you want and give us a call or, better yet, come by for a pre-approval so you can shop with confidence. You can also try our online loan application. At SWOFCU we can finance it for you faster! Get pricing and information on new and used cars, motorcycles, RVs and boats at NADA Vehicle Value & Resource Guide

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New Auto Loans

New Car Rates (3 years old or newer)Rate as low as:Rate as high as:
84 months6.75% APR12.75% APR
72 months6.25% APR 12.25% APR
60 months5.75% APR11.75% APR
48 months5.50% APR11.50% APR
36 months5.25% APR11.25% APR
24 months5.00% APR11.00% APR

Used Auto Loans

Used Car Rates (4 years old to 8 years old)Rate as low as:Rate as high as:
84 months7.75% APR13.75% APR
72 months7.25% APR13.25% APR
60 months6.75% APR12.75% APR
48 months6.50% APR12.50% APR
36 months6.25% APR12.25% APR
24 months6.00% APR12.00% APR
Other vehicles 9 to 12 years old (up to 60 months)8.25% APR14.00%APR
All other vehicles (term depends on vehicle condition)10.50% APR16.25% APR


Auto Loan Calculators

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Should I accelerate my auto payments?

How much car can I afford?

The accuracy of these calculators and their applicability to your circumstances are not guaranteed.  Results should be discussed with a qualified professional before any product purchases or loan commitments are made.


Effective Date:  Jan. 16, 2024

All rates are subject to change at any time. 

Rates do not apply to existing credit union loans.  For Risk Based pricing the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) you receive will be within range disclosed above and is based on your credit worthiness.