As we approach November 1, 2018, we are in the final stages of our conversion to our new computer system. Below are items that may relate to you as we prepare for the conversion.

Credit Union Hours During the Conversion

* Our lobby and drive-thru will remain open until 6:00 p.m. on 10/31/2018
* We will be closed all day on 11/1/2018 and closed until 12 noon on 11/2/2018
* Transaction services at our locations will not be available during this time
* Check clearings, direct deposits, automatic transfers and electronic transactions will process as scheduled
* VISA credit cards, Debit cards and ATM functions will be available for normal use and should process normally
* We will open at 12 noon on 11/2/2018 and resume normal hours and normal operations

Conversion news


October 2018 Month-End Statements and e-Statements Reminder

Paper statements will be generated and mailed for all accounts for October 2018. e-Statements will not be available for October 2018. Dividends from 10/1/2018 – 10/31/2018 will post for all dividend bearing accounts and will reflect on the October 2018 month-end statements. Dividends for the remainder of the quarter (11/1/2018 – 12/31/2018) will post normally on 12/31/2018 and will reflect on the December 2018 month-end statements.

e-Statement services will resume beginning with month-end November 2018. If you have any questions regarding account statements during our computer system conversion please call us at (580)353-0490 or toll free at (866)353-0490.