Tis the season and we want you to be prepared for those holiday scams.  Here are some helpful tips:

    • Sign-up for transaction alerts through Home Banking, if not stay on top of your transactions by monitoring your account closely and report any suspicious activity to the credit union immediately.
    • Think before you click! And, this doesn’t just pertain to emails, be weary of online ads, applications, eGreeting cards and much more. Cybercriminals mimic legitimate content making it difficult to detect, so lookout for slightly altered URLs.
    • Don’t trust a site or name you don’t know and don’t fall for the too good to be true prices.
    • Have unique, complex passwords for sites that store your information and change your passwords frequently.
    • Be cautious of the charities you are giving to online, in-person, and over the phone. Avoid donating to  collection boxes and via phone and inquire the charity name and find them online.
    • Ensure home computers, laptops, and tablets are protected with antivirus, anti-spyware and a firewall.
    • Look for ATM and gas pump tampering, skimmers, or shimmers. Do not use the ATM or gas pump if you suspect tampering.