Gift Cards

Most people are familiar with traditional shop-specific gift cards (e.g., Target and Walmart), but now there’s something even better. A new breed of gift cards that can be used wherever Visa® debit cards are accepted.

In other words, instead of giving your daughter a Gap gift card you can give her a flexible option she can use at The Gap or hundreds of other places-for clothes, events, entertainment. You name it! They can even be used online.

Gift cards are a flexible gift option that’s sure to please both the buyer and the receiver. With our special gift card program we make it extra easy for you to purchase them in one of two ways:

Order gift cards in person by visiting your nearest Southwest Oklahoma branch office. There are no lengthy processes or forms to fill out. Buy one or several cards, for virtually any amount you choose, in a matter of minutes.

Card purchase fee: $3.00 for members and $4.00 for non-members

Card value: $25 min. and $1,000 max.

Click here to purchase your Gift Cards online for home delivery.


Enjoy the gift-card service from Southwest Oklahoma, and don’t forget to check out our other card service. We also offer prepaid debit cards and TravelMoney cards from Visa®.


Travel Money

Southwest Oklahoma has a new kind of “traveler’s check.” It’s the Visa TravelMoney card. It provides the security of traveler’s checks and the convenience of a Visa® card. The card can be loaded with up to $5,000 and two cards can draw funds from the loaded amount. Some of the great benefits include:

  • Visa® Travel and Emergency Assistance
  • Visa® Purchase Security
  • Lost Luggage Reimbursement
  • Emergency cash and card replacement
  • Visa’s Zero Liability protection
  • Worldwide cash access in local currencies in any travel destination

Card purchase fee: $4.00 for members and $6.00 for non-members

Card value: $25 min. and $1,000 max.

A $3.95 Activation Fee will be deducted from the value of the card, we the seller do not collect this fee.


Customer Service for SWOFCU TravelMoney cardholders

To obtain or change PIN, handle disputes, check balances and transaction history, look for Visa® Ready Link locations and report lost or stolen cards, Terms & Conditions, FAQ visit:

Online –



Prepaid Debit Card

Now get a Visa® Prepaid Debit card with no credit check or prior bank account! The Visa® Prepaid Debit card is a Visa® card you load with your own money to make purchases everywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted. It’s safer than carrying cash, and can help you manage your finances.

Financial Control

  • Spend only what you load on the card.
  • Track your spending online for improved budgeting and money management.


  • Make purchases everywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted: in-store, online, or by phone.
  • Pay bills online, make travel reservations and buy gas at the pump.
  • Eliminate check-cashing fees and enjoy immediate access to your money through direct deposit of your paycheck, tax refunds, or other income sources.


  • Available at thousands of retail locations.
  • Get cash at more than 1 million ATMs worldwide.


  • No need to carry large amounts of cash.
  • Enjoy protection against lost or stolen cards and unauthorized purchases with the Visa Zero Liability policy.

Card purchase fee: $4.00 for members and $6.00 for non-members

Card value: $25 min. and $1,000 max.

Other fees may be associated with this card, we the seller do not collect these fees.