We have recently upgraded to Chip Debit Cards. Your new card will be received when your old card expires. These cards will replace your current debit card, with improved security.  You can count on enhanced fraud protection every time you use your card at a chip-activated terminal.


If your debit card is used to pay for Internet services, insurance, monthly bills, etc., you will need to provide your new card number and expiration date to these merchants so your service is not interrupted

About EMV Chip Cards

EMV cards, also known as “smart cards”, are designed to help further provide security by reducing fraudulent transactions. In addition to a traditional magnetic strip, the EMV cards contain an embedded microchip that works at chip-enabled ATM’s and terminals. This added layer of security means you will be better protected from financial criminals.


When will I get my new EMV card?

Your card will arrive when your current card expires.

Will my new EMV card work even if the vendor does not support the chip?

Yes, your card will still work as it normally does, but at EMV supported machines it will provide extra security.

Is using the chip card any different than a regular card?

Yes, because of the additional security and encrypted data, the card must be left in the terminal throughout the transaction. The card goes in a slot, rather than just being swiped.